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Austin Burke is an innocent man.

Our family is one of thousands who has been affected by a faulty criminal system. Please read our story......

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We have had our lives turned upside down, and on stand still since the day my son was implicated in these crimes. We have worked nonstop to investigate the true story, and to make all wrongs - right. 

Wrongful Conviction is becoming a popular topic

Austin and his older and younger brother, at their favorite resteraunt.

We are starting to realize that wrongful conviction is more common in this nation than anyone ever realized! Over 2,000 people have been exhonerated to date, and the list is growing!

Our Mission


We have been thrown into the position of advocating for folks with loved ones who are innocent, and for prisoners who are treated inhumanely while incarcerated. We want to provide the momentum that helps us affect change in legislature to prevent our future from being plagued by these anomolies.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue fighting the injustice that has occured. Austin needs your help.......